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SubNova - SUB
Player Since14/09/2010, 09:45
Last Played24/09/2011, 22:45
Armory Completion99%
Commendation Progress80%
Daily Challenges749
Weekly Challenges39
Games Played3569
Campaign ProgressCompleted Legendary
Co-op ProgressCompleted Legendary
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Recent Games
Game TypePlace/DifficultyDateScoreSpreadMapPlaylist
One Flag CTF1st24/09/2011, 22:452+1BoardwalkTeam Objective
Crazy King1st24/09/2011, 22:32150+7Forge WorldTeam Objective
Speedflag2nd24/09/2011, 22:252+13Forge WorldTeam Objective
One Flag CTF1st24/09/2011, 22:101+15BoardwalkTeam Objective
One Flag CTF1st24/09/2011, 21:562-1BoardwalkTeam Objective
Slayer DMRs2nd24/09/2011, 21:4340-3ZealotTeam Slayer
Slayer1st24/09/2011, 21:3350+2Sword BaseTeam Slayer
Slayer1st24/09/2011, 21:1950+3Forge WorldTeam Slayer
Slayer1st24/09/2011, 21:0950+5BoardwalkTeam Slayer
Slayer1st24/09/2011, 20:5650+10CountdownMulti Team
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