Debut Of The Digital BMW M5 In Forza Motorsport 4 - Monday, 27 June 2011 10:22
BMW is getting ready to unleash the newest M5 onto the streets, and to celebrate Turn 10 is bringing it to Forza Motorsport 4, the newest game in the award-winning series. The 2012 BMW M5 debuted at an exclusive event called BMW M-Festival, held near the famous Nürburgring circuit during the leadup to the 24 Hours of Nürburgring event. After admiring the new M5 on the dais, party-goers could step up to Turn 10’s game kiosks and drive the M5 for the very first time in Forza 4, piloting the exquisitely rendered M5 around the Nürburgring course that played an integral part in the real-world M5’s development. Turn 10 will be demonstrating the M5’s incredible in-game experience for the entire weekend, allowing visitors to the BMW Hospitality Suite (located in the TUV Tower at the Nürburgring) a chance to pick up a controller and take the 2012 BMW M5 out for a first drive.

It’s clear by just glancing at the newest M-division sedan at the reveal event that it’s something special. If you’ve heard the rumors that the era of increased fuel economy has finally overtaken the blazing-fast M5, know two things: the rumors are true, and you have absolutely nothing to fear. That’s because if there is a problem that skilled engineers can solve, BMW’s all over it. This particular solution involves more power, better driving dynamics, and an increase in fuel economy, all courtesy of the twin-turbocharged (M TwinPower Turbo, in BMW-speak) 4.4-liter V8. This marvel of engineering packs way more torque than the high-revving V10 it replaces, and it’s available way down low; a full 502 ft-lbs. at just 1,500 RPM. Not only is it faster to 60 mph, the handling is as sharp as ever with an entire suite of M-division goodies helping the M5 carve through the corners like a red-hot scalpel through Bavarian butter. The coolest kit of all is the Active M Differential, which can send up to 100 percent of the power to either of the rear wheels, giving supernatural grip in almost all conditions.

Looks have improved too; the newest evolution of the BMW design language fits the large sedan like tailored lederhosen, giving it a lithe and nimble family resemblance to its M3 stablemate. The revised air intakes chug cooling air while providing a balance between aggression and sophistication, echoed in the sculpted hood and flanks, complete with the signature M-division fender grille. This balance extends to the shapely hind end, where large quad exhaust tips are there to prove to anyone in its wake that the M5 is not fooling around. The purposeful look is topped off with large alloy wheels that show off the enormous stoppers. Green-minded driving enthusiasts can rejoice at the addition of technologies like engine start-stop, regenerative braking, and an economy mode for less-thirsty cruising. The M5 has always delivered furious performance in a comfortable and stylish package, but thanks to hard work and technological improvements the new M5 is better in every way. Engineering is truly a wonderful thing.

So how can you put the 2012 M5 in your Forza 4 garage? While the M5 will not ship out with Forza 4 game discs, anyone who owns a copy of Forza 4 will be able to visit the Xbox LIVE marketplace and download the very special "BMW M5 Fan Pack" for free. Downloading this pack will put the 2012 M5 in your garage so you can experience the thrill of the M5’s 560 horsepower on any of the fantastically lifelike in-game tracks. You’ll also get to experience the M5 in the Autovista experience, giving you an exceptionally detailed look at what makes the M5 special. Peek under the hood, or slip inside to fire up the motor and admire the interior—Autovista and Kinect let you do it all. You’ll also get an exclusive BMW theme for your Xbox LIVE Dashboard. Bringing the 2012 BMW M5 to the exciting world of Forza Motorsport is the perfect way to celebrate the unveiling of the fifth generation of one of the best driver’s sedans in the world.

Of course, the ultimate fan will want the "Forza Motorsport 4 Limited Collector’s Edition" set, which features the 2012 BMW M5 as its cover car. The BMW Fan Pack content ships with the Limited Collector’s Edition set, bound in a polished steel DVD case and loaded with special content, including an additional 25 cars from exclusive car packs, "Cars of Forza Motorsport 4 Presented by Top Gear" (a stunning 96-page book that describes in-game cars from the Autovista™ experience and features imagery from game and the Top Gear photo library), and tons more. Visit the Preorder Page for more details.

Finally, if all this talk about BMW’s stellar performance and cutting-edge design gets your creative juices flowing, don’t miss the Forza Motorsport 4 BMW Design Challenge. Turn 10 and BMW are pairing up to bring you a contest designed to test the skills of the talented artists in the Forza Motorsport community. The winning design will be just one of the specially-designed BMW cars available in Forza Motorsport 4 as part of the upcoming Limited Collector’s Edition of the game.



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