Xbox COO Has 'Great Optimism' For Halo's Future Without Bungie - Thursday, 23 June 2011 20:19
Halo was Microsoft's big break in the console world, instantly giving the original Xbox console credibility among hardcore gamers at the time. And now, even with Bungie having moved on to a new IP with Activision, Halo is clearly still Microsoft's crown jewel. But just because the developer that created Master Chief isn't on the franchise anymore doesn't mean that it isn't in good hands at 343 Industries.

During E3, IndustryGamers sat down with Microsoft's Dennis Durkin, Corporate VP, CFO and COO of the Interactive Entertainment Business, to talk about Halo's future, among other topics.

"I feel great about the future of Halo. The team that we built inside 343 industries - a lot of them have been working on Halo at some point throughout their careers and those teams are kind of... as you know, development teams are very, very fluid. So if you went and looked at the pedigree of a lot of those people, at some point over the course of the past 10 years, they’ve been on Halo products," Durkin pointed out.

"They’ve also been extensively involved in building many of the map packs in the recent releases, so they’ve got great experience with that. They’ve got great experience in working on the new 10-year anniversary title for Combat Evolved and then building out Waypoint. Our [343] team, that’s the team that built out Waypoint... And a lot of the same storytellers who are writing the stories are the ones who were writing the stories for those future arcs around that next wave of Halo innovation. So a combination of all those things give me great optimism about the investments we’re making around that franchise," he continued.

"There is a huge, rabid Halo fan base out there that’s really excited to consume more great Halo experiences. I think this holiday is going to be great with the 10-year anniversary and sort of that gift of being able to play Halo 1 again, remastered. I think that will wet people's whistle again for the new Halo 4 that’s coming the following holiday. So I actually really feel good about the cadence and sequencing of building up that team."

We have no doubt that Halo will continue to be huge for Xbox, but gamers can be a very cynical lot, and you can bet they'll be looking at the non-Bungie Halo efforts in a different light. So long as the sales are good, though, Microsoft certainly won't care.



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