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Championship Medal
  • Season champions gain a medal (example below) on their [SG] Profile Page
  • Medal states what season it is for (on hovering with mouse pointer), thus allowing a driver to get multiple medals

Example Medal

Custom Lobby Rules & Settings
    The Rules and Settings listed below are required to make your FM3 League Race's conform to the [SG] League Night Format. They are posted here so you can enter a lobby and setup the room to make it a level playing field for any driver. For ease, we suggest you setup the Rules as below and save them for quick access in the future.

    NOTE: There is not option to force 'Full Racing Line' to On, so we ask that all drivers oblige by switching it on in the Assists menu when in the lobby - Thanks

    You can view the full lobby settings we run on a league night here: Custom Lobby Settings - [SG] Forza League
Driver Signup
  • There is no longer a sign up forum thread
  • Drivers are required to sign up via the FM3 League Page before a league night
  • Failure to sign up and then joining a lobby on race night will result in you being asked to leave
  • If you have confirmed your seat, but find you are unable to attend on the night, please give 24hr notice to either N30Cr0n or B1X
  • A driver who cannot attend needs to ensure they have removed their name from the sign up section (if already confirmed) to free up the slot
  • Failure to attend a league night after you have signed up and without informing anyone or removing their name will result in a points penalty - no exceptions
  • If all 8 driver slots are full, you cannot sign up unless somebody 'gives-up' their seat before the night starts. Be quicker next time!
Final Scoring
  • Race Scoring is the same throughout (1st - 8th, 10pts - 1pt) with the fastest lap bonus point added after positional points
  • At the end of each race, the points each driver has scored (bonus included) goes onto the championship standings board
  • All lobby points are ignored - they are only used to determine grid positions

  • Split-Class racing has some benefits over standard racing
  • Drivers are awarded points for positional finishes as before (1st - 8th, 10pts - 1pt)
  • Fastest lap bonus point now applies to both classes within the same race - two drivers can get a bonus point each race
  • Fastest lap points are added at the end of the night to the League points (i.e. its possible for a driver to score a maximum of 16 points, 10 for winning overall, and 1 point for each fastest lap - 6 in total)
  • If your team wins overall (e.g. Red Team finishes first overall in both A class and R3 class) then both drivers will be awarded the points from the highest scoring driver (i.e. Driver A scores 10 points for finishing overall in 1st place plus 4 points for 4 fastest laps totalling 14 points, Driver B would also score 14 points within the league)
  • Because you are paired with a new driver each week, less talented drivers have the chance to be competitive (points wise) throughout the season - its stands to reason to support your team mate, whoever they are!
  • Should two drivers be tied on points at the end of the season, then the race history for the entire season will be examined and the winner will be the driver with most wins under their belt
Overtaking Explained
  • If you are overtaking on the inside (kerb-side), your front wheels MUST be passed the rear wheels of the opponent before the corner starts (corner starts from the beginning of the kerbing)
  • If you are overtaking on the outside, you need to 100% past the opponent before taking racing line
  • A Stop-Go Penalty has been introduced as most on-track incidents don't warrant a Black Flag investigation. Details for the 'Stop-Go' are;
    • If you are handed a 'Stop-Go' penalty, it is on a 2 race suspended basis
    • Keep your driving clean for two entire races after being handed a 'Stop-Go' and it will be dropped
    • If you fail to keep it clean, you must serve your penalty at the start of the next race
    • When serving a 'Stop-Go' penalty, you must start the race as normal, make one complete lap and then enter the pits at the end of Lap 1. Complete a pit-stop and then rejoin the track. This will be classed as your penalty being served
    • It is possible for drivers to accumulate multiple 'Stop-Go' penalties, however a maximum of 1 can be served during a race - so a collection of 3 penalties will require 3 races to clear
  • Red Flag punishments are only applied if the incident was deemed an intentional manoeuvre that resulted in 3 or more drivers involved in a crash
    • Offending Driver will be handed a 'Stop-Go' Penalty
  • Black/White Flag punishments are only applied if the incident was reported by the victim in the correct manor with supporting video evidence available for review;
    • Offending Driver will be handed a 'Stop-Go' Penalty
    • Victim will be awarded 1 bonus point in addition to their race points
  • Black Flag punishments are only applied if the incident reported was deemed severe enough to warrant further investigation;
    • Offending Driver will be handed a 'Stop-Go' Penalty
    • Offending Driver will be stripped of positional points from race in dispute
    • Victim will be awarded 1 bonus point in addition to their race points
Race Disputes
The Red Flag Rule
  • The Red Flag Rule covers major incidents at the start of each race. Drivers can vote to restart the race if;
    • 3 or more cars are involved in the same incident
    • The incident occurs within the first third of the first lap
    • All drivers are in agreement to Red Flag and restart race
    • If the Red Flag was caused by a deliberate manoeuvre, a 'Stop-Go' penalty will be issued to the offending driver

The Black/White Flag Rule
  • The Black/White Flag rule covers incidents on track that get reported to the Official Race Dispute Thread and logged on the Race Dispute section of the FM3 League page within 24hrs of the offence. Details are;
    • Must be reported within 24hrs of offence by the victim
    • Reporting Driver must have saved the replay them self and uploaded it to their storefront at the time of reporting to back up their report
    • Report must follow format laid out in the Race Dispute thread
    • All drivers (except the offender and reporting driver) may post an opinion and a decision will be made based on majority
    • Once a dispute has been resolved, it is the responsibility of the reporting driver to close the dispute on the FM3 League page
  • There are some factors that can be taken into consideration when dealing with a Black/White Flag incident;
    • It the dispute is resolved on track before the chequered flag (giving gained places back etc) then no further action will be taken
    • The offending driver at Black/White Flag level will be handed a 'Stop-Go' penalty
    • The victim at Black/White Flag level will be awarded 1 bonus point in addition to their race points
    • If the incident is seen as an intentional manoeuvre to take out a driver, it will be raised to Black Flag Level

The Black Flag Rule
  • The Black Flag Rule covers serious incidents that take place at any time during a race. This rule is in place to discourage over-aggressive driving and/or bad sportsmanship;
    • If a dispute gets to this level, it will have already been logged correctly both in the Dispute Thread and the FM3 League page, and the reporting driver will have a supporting replay file available on their storefront
    • Replay will be viewed to determine if manoeuvre was indeed an intentional play to remove a driver from contention or not
  • The differences between accidental and intentional can be seen by;
    • Offending driver makes no attempt to take avoiding action - INTENTIONAL
    • Aims at another driver to 'take them out' - INTENTIONAL
    • Enters a corner knowing they don't have racing line or that they can possibly make the turn, using whoever is there as brakes - INTENTIONAL
  • The outcome of causing an incident that reached Black Flag level is;
    • Offending Driver is handed a 'Stop-Go' penalty
    • Offending Driver is stripped of position points for the race in question
    • Victim is awarded 1 bonus point in addition to their race points

Season Breakdown
  • 4 Championship Seasons per calendar year
  • Championship Season consists of 6 nights set 2 weeks apart (unless otherwise discussed first)
  • In the event that the season is under Team Play rules, there will be 7 race nights - 2 weeks apart until week 5 and then each week until the end of the season
  • Held on a Monday, giving 2 nights per month (again unless otherwise discussed first)
  • All driver penalties and championship points are reset at the start of a new season
Team Play (only applicible if under Team-Play season rules)
  • There will be 4 teams of 2 drivers, arranged so that each race week you are paired with a new driver
  • In the event that we have an odd number of human drivers (i.e. somebody cannot make it), an AI driver will take their place, however it will not score any points. If you finish below an AI driver, your position points stand (e.g. finish 3rd behind a 2nd place AI, you score 6pts not 8pts)
  • Lobby will be setup to run a Split-Class race - 4 drivers will be in R3 class cars and 4 drivers will be in A class cars
  • There is enough races in one night to allow each driver to have three races in each class
  • Point Scoring for split-Class racing is covered in the 'Final Scoring' section
  • Teams will be announced at the start of the race night and driver classes before each race
Track Variants
  • Tracks that are chosen to race on will be either Full, International or Club variants and in either the Forward or Reverse options.
  • Tracks not included in any selection are:
    • Amalfi Coast
    • Fujimi Kaido
    • Rally de Postitano
    • Nürburgring Nördschielfe
Trading Paint
  • Any contact that does NOT cause structural damage is not punishable unless the victim;
    • Is forced off track (all 4 wheels on grass)
    • They are left facing more than 90° in the wrong direction (punching the gas and spinning after contact does not count)
  • Any contact that does cause structural damage (any part other than bodywork) and causes a loss of position and/or race points for the victim is punishable if the victim raises a dispute in the correct manor
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