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Rules Tab
Game Type:Custom
Track:Chosen by League Drivers
Max Players:8
Max AI Players:7
AI Difficulty:Hard
Damage Difficulty:Limited
Collision Mode:Always On
Number of Teams:0
End of Race Timer:02:00
Advanced Rules Tab
Scoring Type:Time Based
Bigger is Better:No
Compare Best Lap Score:No
End Condition:Number of Laps
Grid Ordering:Lobby Points
Per-Car Roll-Off Delay:0 s
Number of Player Groups:1
Tag Enabled:No
Number of Heats:1
Overrides Tab
Force Stock Upgrades/Tuning:No
Force OFF Suggested Line:No
Force OFF Autobrake:No
Force OFF ABS:No
Force OFF STM:No
Force OFF TCS:No
Force Manual Transmission:No
Force Camera View:No
Disable Wrong Way Indicator:No
Car Restrictions Tab
Allow Upgrades:Yes
Car Class:B Class
Performance Index >=:Any
Performance Index <:Any
Power >=:Any
Power <:Any
Cerb Weight >=:Any
Cerb Weight <:Any
Year >=:Any
Year <:Any
Body Style Family:Any
Car Type:Any
Model Family:Any
Model:Leon SC
Drive Type:Any
Engine Placement:Any
Engine Configuration:Any
Power Handicap:0%
Front Grip Handicap:0%
Rear Grip Handicap:0%
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