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SGML#6: Missile Lock
After making contact with Neocron at [SG] HQ, Subnova finds himself under heavy fire from an enemy banshee
By: SubNova | Released: 10/06/2010
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SGML#5: Near Perfect Escape
Having escaped the facility, Subnova tries to contact [SG] HQ, but something feels bad
By: SubNova | Released: 27/05/2010
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SGML#4: Strategic Withdrawal
Under heavy fire from Covenant forces, Subnova must make contact with [SG] HQ and warn the transport... at all costs
By: SubNova | Released: 13/05/2010
Credits: B1X, i kn0w TARZAN
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SGML#3: Evasive Maneuvers
With the Elites plan exposed, Subnova breaks cover & commences an attack to escape the facility and warn [SG] HQ
By: SubNova | Released: 29/04/2010
Credits: B1X, i kn0w TARZAN
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SGML#2: Know Thy Enemy
After discovering a sub-terranean tunnel, Subnova is unable to stop himself sliding into a hidden teleporter. On the otherside he finds more than he bargained for
By: SubNova | Released: 15/04/2010
Credits: B1X, i kn0w TARZAN
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