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SGML#11: Frost Bite
Subnova has chosen to draw the Elites in, will he survive a close encounter?
By: SubNova | Released: 19/08/2010
Credits: B1X
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SGML#10: Ghosts In The Snow
Subnova awakens to find himself in a snow covereved landscape, but he is not alone...
By: SubNova | Released: 05/08/2010
Credits: B1X
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SGML#9: Green Light
With Subnova MIA and the power core in enemy hands, its a green light for Team Orange
By: SubNova | Released: 22/07/2010
Credits: B1X & SYNISTAR
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SGML#8: Locate And Rescue
Team Orange arrive back at [SG] HQ to find Neocron waiting to brief them about an unexpected mission
By: SubNova | Released: 08/07/2010
Credits: B1X & SYNISTAR
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SGML#7: Team Orange
After receiving a distress call from Subnova, Neocron finds himself in need of assistance. He calls the Immediate Response Squad, Team Orange
By: SubNova | Released: 24/06/2010
Credits: B1X & SYNISTAR
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