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SGML#26: Final Fight - Part 1
Sub and Neo and discover a large chamber within the cruiser, and a deeper threat than they first realised.
By: SubNova | Released: 02/11/2011
Credits: B1X, N30Cr0n, SYNISTAR
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SGML#25: Get Some!
Syn has arrived to aid Neo and Sub, but the team has a new obstacle to deal with.
By: SubNova | Released: 30/11/2010
Credits: B1X, N30Cr0n, SYNISTAR
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SGML#24: Fire and Manouver
Neo and Sub are pinned down by an elite ambush, things aren't looking good.
By: SubNova | Released: 03/12/2010
Credits: B1X, N30Cr0n, SYNISTAR
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SGML#23: Under Fire
Now on the covenant ship, Sub and Neo find themselves engaged by the enemy....
By: SubNova | Released: 28/07/2011
Credits: B1X, N30Cr0n, SYNISTAR
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SGML#22: Boarded
The trip through the teleporter leads to surprising surroundings
By: SubNova | Released: 09/06/2011
Credits: B1X, N30Cr0n, SYNISTAR
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